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Image by Sidekix Media


At Jim Yates Construction, we take pride in constructing beautifully finished environments and home additions–large and small–that suit our customers’ needs. We partner with customers throughout the construction process, providing unique suggestions and cost-effective home remodeling solutions to satisfy our customers’ demands for exceptional craftsmanship at reasonable rates.
Jim Yates Construction Offers an Unparalleled Attention to Detail, & views Quality Workmanship, Reliability, & Affordability, As the Very Foundation for Producing Results That Far Exceed Customer’s Expectations. Our “small business company” serves residential and light commercial needs on the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding communities


I first got one of the beautiful cheese serving boards made by Jim Yates for myself. But the more I used it, the more I grew to love the beauty and simplicity of the wave breaking on the beach. The way Jim captured the colors of the water and the bubbles in the foam is just amazing.  I have recently sent the same design of this functional art as gifts to friends in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Boston. These are people who used to live in the Monterey area but have had to move away. They all love the image of the beach scene, which brings back great memories of our times together in California.

Kathi B.

"Over the years that we have enjoyed the results of Jim's work, we have been happy with the work he has delivered and on a personal basis found that he is trustworthy, responsible, east to get along with and that he delivers as promised.

Bernadette Guiroy



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